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Yao Zongxun Heritage Yiquan Institute - Zongxun Wuguan is the leading Yiquan Institute in China, established in 1994 by Yao Chengguang, son of master Yao Zongxun - the recognized successor of yiquan's founder Wang Xiangzhai. The name Zongxun Wuguan denotes heritage of master Yao Zongxun's teachings. Following the ideas of Wang Xiangzhai and Yao Zongxun, Yao Chengguang keeps working on further developing the system.

Master Yao Chengguang is offering short and long term courses in Beijing, and is also available for seminars abroad. Coursebooks and videos in English are of great help to students from all over the world, who are attending the intensive courses. Master Yao Chengguang is also a president of Beijing Yiquan Study Association, which is the major Yiquan organization in China, established in 1985 by his father Yao Zongxun.
Yiquan training group in Warsaw, Poland, started in 1997. From 1998 it became known as Yiquan Academy. In 2001 Yiquan Academy Martial Art Center was officially registered by Andrzej Kalisz, which gave start for developing an international network of yiquan schools and groups all over Europe.

Andrzej Kalisz - top foreign disciple of master Yao Chengguang, is teaching regular classess in Warsaw, Poland, and offering intensive courses and seminars in many countries. He is also providing his students with translations of many works of Wang Xiangzhai and second generation yiquan masters. Teaching in English, Russian, Polish, Chinese.

Presently the affilated schools operate in several European countries, and some individual pratitioners in a few more countries are training to become instructors and open next schools.
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Yao Chengguang - Zongxun Wuguan
5-B03. No.4 Bei-Zhu-Gan Hu-Tong
Chao-Nei Nan-Xiao-Jie
Dongcheng District,
Beijing 100009

Phone numbers:

(0086)-13391992725,  (0086)-10-64040895, (0086)-10-58643467
Please ask someone speaking mandarin chinese to help you call master Yao.

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